We offer customized health, fitness, and athletic performance services to individuals, small groups, and companies. Although there are themes common to all of our clients (such as weight management, gaining muscle, and reducing body fat), the services we provide are customized for each client’s circumstances, preferences, and–most importantly–goals.

We offer a range of integrated services that help clients improve their body recomposition (reducing fat and gaining muscle); increase strength, endurance, and power; increase cardiovascular endurance; and improve sport-specific performance. Our services include in-person and virtual personal training, nutrition education and coaching, and rest and recovery strategy development.

We work closely with our clients to create programs that are realistic, giving consideration to elements such as existing level of knowledge, time constraints, travel requirements, and training experience. We help our clients understand the options available to them, as well as the associated pros, cons, and tradeoffs.

Scope of service

Our integrated programs accelerate and optimize results for our clients because they leverage the interdependencies of key areas of human physiology (movement, nutrition, and recovery). That said, we never offer services that are outside of our scope of expertise, regardless of whether or not it is legally permissible to do so. We do what is best for each client, 24-7-365, and have developed a network of world-class experts if referrals are necessary. If at any point during our work with a prospective or current client we determine that we are not the best service provider under the circumstances, we will suggest options that are a better fit for our client–even if this is a referral to one of our competitors.

Delivery and communication

Our services are delivered both in-person and virtually (via text, email, videoconference, traditional telephone conversations and, when appropriate, our client portal). The frequency and mode(s) of communication are mutually agreed-upon between our team and each client at the outset of, as well as periodically during each engagement.

Corporate clients

When working with corporate clients, we seek first to understand fully the problem that our client is trying to solve and gain a deep appreciation for its culture and work norms. We also invest a significant portion of our initial conversations to appreciate what has been tried in the past, what is currently in place that supports our client’s goals, and what is already in place that can be leveraged. To facilitate long-term sustainability and maximize ROI, we identify processes and workflow into which we can integrate agreed-upon strategies and tactics.

Although we have our own proprietary methods and intellectual property, our approach is collaborative in nature. Our goal is to help our clients create programs that are cost-effective, result in significant ROI, and that can be sustained. To that end, our client leadership teams are always the hero (not Vitalyon) and, when appropriate, we provide our services in “white label” form. We have found that this approach often improves receptivity within the business, facilitates change management, and accelerates implementation.