About Vitalyon

We founded Vitalyon because we are passionate about helping others feel, look, and perform at their best. We are dedicated to helping our clients achieve the transformations they deserve.

Why do we care, and why did we create Vitalyon? The answers lie in journeys–ours, and those of our family members, friends, and colleagues. It was through these journeys–the frustrations, challenges, and ultimate successes–that Vitalyon was conceptualized and launched.


Enter the catalyst: a health scare, a milestone birthday, an injury, the inability to participate in ‘normal’ physical activity, new aches/pains, and a lack of mobility. Losing a step on the tennis court or yards off the tee. Experiencing plateaus or worse–declining performance. Or maybe you’re performing well and want to test your limits in pursuit of a “PR” (and without risking major injury). The catalyst comes in many forms–the list is long and distinguished.

Sometimes the catalyst is a decision: deciding that today is the day you address the suffering from chronic exhaustion, extreme stress, sleep apnea, gastrointestinal issues, acid reflux, lower back pain, rotator cuff muscle tears, shoulder joint impingement, ruptured tendons, torn ligaments, surgeries, hormone imbalances, high cholesterol, and pre-diabetes to name a few of the usual suspects.

Catalysts come in many forms, but share a common element: they inspire transformation.

Catalysts can inspire you to act–to take steps to transform from your current levels of health, fitness, and performance to something significantly better–something aspirational. With a focus on your goals, your journey forward begins.


Ready to regain your health, you find your motivation, harness your willpower, and set off to achieve your ambitious goals. You’re confident that your hard work and determination will yield the results you’re after. And why wouldn’t they? You’re a high achiever with a long history of success.

You modify your eating behavior by eliminating entire food groups and drastically cutting calories. You experiment with various superfoods, supplements, popular programs, fitness apps, workout programs, and exercise equipment. You start to pay more attention to the health/fitness articles that pop up in your news feed, and maybe you even buy a few wellness-related magazines and books.

After a few weeks, you’re still not seeing the results you’re after. To make matters worse, your willpower is flagging and you don’t have the energy to overcome obstacles, such as your daily commute, extensive travel, long work weeks with irregular hours, and complex family schedules. You continue to struggle and experience the cycle of improvement, plateau, and regression. You yo-yo back and forth and your frustration increases. Frustration morphs into discouragement. On more than one occasion your inner voice pushes you to throw in the towel. With minimal improvement over the course of several weeks, you are on the verge of giving up. You’ve put forth your best effort and your results are far short of your goals. You don’t know why and you don’t know how to make forward progress.

Frustrations and rabbit holes

We understand the journey–because it was our journey too.

We were frustrated with our lack of results, but the frustration ran deeper than that. Much deeper. Given our scattershot approach of trying every tactic simultaneously, it was impossible to determine what worked and what was ineffective. We also questioned our sources of information. Fed up with conflicting “expert” opinions, biased and self-serving recommendations, we decided to go down the rabbit hole to get to the answers we sought. We wanted to stop wasting time and energy on the wrong strategies and achieve our goals.

We’ve discovered the strategies that really work; we understand why they work; and we can adapt them specifically for you.

Over the past several years, we have invested thousands of hours reading peer-reviewed research studies, attending conferences, and earning certifications from well-regarded organizations. We also learn from and collaborate directly with experts in numerous fields on a regular basis: experts who are focused on optimizing the performance of professional athletes and Olympians. On our journey, we’ve discovered what really works and have employed these strategies with great success. We understand why these strategies work and know how to adapt them for your benefit.


You deserve to bring more of your A-Game to the things in your life that matter most: family, friends, faith, career, social causes, and athletic pursuits, to name a few.

All of our services are created and delivered with you as our focal point: your unique circumstances and your specific goals. Our programs integrate several domains (training, nutrition, neuro-visual, and recovery activities) and are based on evidence of effectiveness, in both the lab and in life.