Core values

Solid relationships are built on a foundation of shared core values. Consequently, we believe that you should know ours–the values that define our True North, influence our decisions, and guide our actions.

Below we list and describe the core values that arise most frequently in conversation with prospective and current clients:

  • Autonomy. Every decision about your health, fitness, and athletic performance ultimately is yours to make.
  • Candor. Your progress depends on our ability to provide you with trustworthy feedback in the context of your goals. Candor also relates to conveying tradeoffs to you, providing you with the best options to help you meet your goals, and helping you understand that your physiology doesn’t care how well you can argue a point or make your case.
  • No judgment. Candor doesn’t provide license for judgment, either explicit or implied. There is no place in our model for negative emotions such as guilt and shame, or feelings of inadequacy or failure.
  • No labels. It is reflexive to use labels such as “good,” “bad,” and “should.” We reject these labels because they’re devoid of context, they’re inaccurate, and most importantly–they’re not helpful because the elicit negative emotion. We believe simply that an action either moves you closer to, or farther away from your goals in a factual context–no label required.
  • Pragmatism. The programs we co-develop with you are based on your particular circumstances, taking family, career, travel and other major considerations into account.
  • Collaboration. Strategies and programs never happen “to” you; they are developed “with” and “for” you based on your specific goals and preferences. This is your journey and your transformation–we are here to work with you, shoulder to shoulder, for your success.
  • Persistence. Personal transformations do not take place overnight–they require dedication over weeks, months, and years.
  • Responsibility. This value takes several forms, from a focus on safety to an expectation of performance.